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With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Ladis is not your ordinary cello teacher. No one has ever remained immune to his enthusiasm and respectful approach. You will laugh, you will sing, you will understand how music is felt and made, but most importantly – you will learn how to play the cello like a pro.


Ladis is a firm believer that music is a unique and individual creation that could be performed by anyone with the right personal attitude, guidance and instruction. Having that in mind, he offers group and individual classes for children and adults, as well as special trainings for professional cellists and cello teachers, offering further improvement and skill perfectioning.


The price varies from 40 euros per lesson for children, to 60 euros per class for adults and trained professionals.

He currently offers private lessons in his home in Berlin, and is occasionally teaching in several music schools across Germany and abroad.


For more information and a free trial lesson, get in touch!


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